We’re Moving!

Exciting news to share! Over the past month and half Paul and I have been working on buying our first home together and selling our current house.  We are so escatic to announce that this past week we have closed on both homes.  With everything going on I will keep this blog post short and sweet.  I’ll be sure to share pictures and our moving experience within the next couple of weeks!  
Paul and I have come up with some creative ideas to help save money and monopolize on time with moving!  I’ll be sure to share my secrets! 
Until next week!

xO. Jess

Bride Bible- Take 1.


Welcome to the first installment of The Bride’s Bible.  I could literally gush about this binder all day long.  I recommend it all the time—seriously I recommended it on Monday to one of my girlfriends.

The binder itself consists of 9 sections that include:

-Color Inspiration

-Timeline and Budget

-Guest List and Invitations

-Venue and Menu

-Dress and Accessories

-Cermony and Bridal Party

-Photo, Video, and Entertainment

-Flower and Décor

-The Big Day and Beyond

For me personally, I didn’t follow along in order (go figure).   I felt that in order for me to organize my planning process I needed to get some of the basics out of the way.  I immediately turned to the second section of Timeline and Budget.  Honestly, this section was/is the foundation of my planning process.  Any details I have to plan out I find I am resorting back to “does it fit in the timeline” or “is this in my budget” and hence why I started there.

Initially, each section includes a getting started page which includes top ten tips on how to get started.  Believe me, taking the time to read each of this tips will give you inspiration and ideas you may have not thought of before.

The Knot includes two wedding timelines to accommodate every bride.   The first timeline includes a “typical” (and I use that lightly since nothing is standard or typical when it comes to wedding planning) which gives the reader a 12 month spread of what to during each stage of the wedding planning process.  Flipping forward there is a second timeline includes and express timeline.  Honestly, when picking the season/date of my wedding I resorted to these timelines to really evaluate which timeline seemed more achievable.   Side note-my fiancé purposed in October (a day before my birthday) we both agreed on a spring wedding, which meant do I use the “typical” engagement period or express (6 months or less).  Almost immediately after reviewing the timeline, I knew that I would use a “typical” engagement period.

What is your timeline of your wedding?  I loved to hear how you got to your timeline, from 1 year, to 6 months, to maybe even a few weeks!


Who doesn’t love a good subscription box?  It’s like your birthday every month! When it comes down to it, I feel like I’ve tried them all from Birchbox to ipsy.  While researching blog topics (yes blogging is just way more than taking cute pictures of your clothes but I love it!) I googled wedding subscription boxes and researched which one I should subscribe to.  

Studiowedbox is a monthly subscription that gives you an array of items to help with your planning process.  It really opens you up to new brands and ideas to make your wedding unique.  I reached out to their team (who couldn’t be any sweeter) and two weeks later it was my birthday in my mailbox.  
Adorable right? First, I opened the box to the cutest handwritten note from the Studiowedbox team.  Pushing back the bright pink tissue paper I was immediately overwhelmed with the soothing scent of lavender(more on that in a minute.) 

My box included an Pinterest inspired koozie and an adorable sign to display on your guest book/card table.  Remember the scent of lavender? Well how cute is this idea, instead of tossing rice or confetti, why not have your guests shower you with dried lavender.  The dried lavender came in the cutest bag that had “toss me” written on the front.  The last item in the bag was a beautiful pink lipstick that would compliment any blushing brides makeup.

Be sure to sign up for your monthly studiowedbox so you don’t miss out on next months box!

xO. Jess

Let’s get to planning

So, let me be honest here.  I originally had a post ready to go yesterday of a look inside the Bride’s Bible but I realized I wasn’t giving you a solid foundation to really get your planning going.  Like I said before I am a paper girl and I have to have a paper planner to keep track of anything important in my life.

In the past, I’ve used Sugar Paper and Plum Paper and have loved both of them.  However I was in Target the other day (because my Plum Paper Planner ran out this month and let’s be honest Target is my second home) and picked up this new planner by Blue Sky.  I love the size (8.5 x 11  inches) and the design is to die for.  FYI I am a sucker for anything floral.


“Florals?  For Spring? Groundbreaking.” -Miranda Priestly, Devil Wears Prada

Immediately looking into the planner I knew this would be my go to planner.   Turning through the colorful pages, I found my favorite part of this planner.  I believe that in order to achieve what you want in life you have to make your goals clear to yourself.  The first few pages of this planner a step by step guide to help you set your goals.  Since I am within the year mark of my planner and I am focusing more on my blog I wanted a planner that could be my catch all.


FullSizeRender (3)

I cannot wait to fill this planner with all my wedding, blogging, and life planning.  Check out this planner here.


Also pictured above is my May Designs Wedding Planner.  This adorable paperback planner is solely for wedding planning.  Thank you Corrine for gifting me this planner when I got engaged!  It is so easy to travel with, so anywhere I might get inspiration I pull out this planner.


If you are interested in May Designs you can check them out on their website.  They not only have the cutest agendas but also carrier stationery and notebooks which can all be customized .

So what is your favorite planner to use?   Do you use more than one planner?  Let me know how you organize your goals, wedding,  life!


xO.  Jess

The Bride Bible



After my panic and anxiety started to subside on how I was going to plan this wedding (I know this sounds dramatic)  I decided that wallowing in self-pity wouldn’t get  me to my dream wedding.  So off to the beautiful place called the world wide web to figure out what I was to do next.

Unless you have been living under a rock (aka without a Pinterest board planning your dream wedding that has been on secret until you got engaged-GUILTY)  you have heard of The Knot.  The Knot has a website, a magazine, a cult like following on social media –to make it simple they are the bride’s bible–you’ll learn why I call it that in this post.

TheKnot.com has very useful tools that I decided to take advantage of an download on t0 my iPhone.  The mobile app and website includes everything from ideas to a budget making tool to real life wedding reviews.  My future mother-in-law gave me a gift that has been my best friend since the day I got it-The Knot’s Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer.  While I love everything about being digital (heck I started this blog instead of writing it down in a diary), when it comes to planning I am a paper girl.  I need to write my ideas down for it to stick and now I have one place to find everything.  As you start your planning, you will realize how having all your vendors lists, contracts, guest lists etc really needs to be in one key location.  That’s why I’ve nicknamed mine “The Bride Bible.”  It really is the holy grail for planning your wedding.

So here’s to the new series I am starting on The Knot’s Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer called “The Bride Bible.”

xO. Jess


FullSizeRender (1)


It’s Like Our First Date or Maybe First Instagram Stalk…



Hi!  I am a twenty-something bride who is starting her journey to becoming a wife.  I have always enjoyed writing but grew away from it as college and life started to get in the way.  I  wanted to blog my process of planning my wedding (on a budget of course and soon you will learn what the Bucci Budget looks like).


Lets start with the basics:

My name is Jessica Hall and I met my soon-to-be husband when I was 19.  We both attended the same college and we met through mutual friends.  I’ve always heard in love at first sight and while I may not have known it then, I certainly felt chemistry at first sight.  We started dating shortly after we met and have been together for a decade this December.  Paul asked for my hand in marriage the day before my 26th birthday!  I was ecstatic.  I did all the usual thing a normal bride does you know-FaceTime your mom, group text your girlfriends a picture of the ring, and  share a social media post about how excited your are to spend your life together.

Then reality sets in….

I HAVE TO ACTUALLY PLAN A WEDDING!! After the initial excitement wore off I realized how unprepared I was for this job.  So I started with convincing my fiance that we should give ourselves enough time to plan this out-mainly so I could have my panic attack in peace.  I bought myself over a year in time–I know I am a miracle worker and know how to pull at his heart strings and mainly the financial strings (remember the “Bucci Budget”) . “THINK OF HOW MUCH MONEY WE CAN SAVE UP FOR THE WEDDING BABE” actual statement out from our conversation.

So here I am–less than 9 months until I walk down the aisle to the man of my dreams and I decided I want to document the journey, mainly for me to remember and to offer insight and guidance to brides-to-be who are just starting their journey.  Believe me, I am not a professional writer, blogger, photographer, wedding planner, etc and I will never claim to be. But what I hope this blog can bring to you is advice as a friend who shares the ups and downs of being a fellow novice wedding planner- as a blogger who took her last English lesson in college and a girl who always forgets to take pictures (even with her iPhone) I cannot wait to change my habits and share in the weddings woes.

Here’s to From Bride to Bucci.


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